Tarkashi Flower Vase Pair :: Bidriware

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These Tiny pair of flower vases are a perfect and a unique gift and a beautiful curio. This elegant table decor is made out of gun metal with pure silver inlay. This is a Elegant Tarkasi design, made from Silver wire inlaying into the groove manually created on White gun metal. 

Height: 15.7 cm each

Weight: 232 gm

Bidriware is a metal handicraft from Karnataka, developed in the 14th century C.E. during the rule of the Bahamani Sultans. Due to its striking inlay artwork, Bidriware is prized as a symbol of Royalty and wealth. The metal used is a blackened alloy of zinc and copper inlaid with thin sheets of pure silver.

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About Bidriware:

Developed in the 14th century C.E. during the rule of the Bahmani Sultans, Bidriware is a metal handicraft from the city of Bidar in Karnataka. Bidriware techniques and style are influenced by Persian art. It was first brought to India by noted Sufi Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti in the form of utensils.

Bidriware is made from cast white brass (copper-zinc ratio of 1:16). the craftsman uses small chisels to engrave the design over the freehand etching. Fine wire or flattened strips of pure silver are then carefully hammered into these grooves. The signature black patina comes from using a particular type of clay found at Bidar fort, in dark areas away from sunlight and rain for years and having good oxidizing properties.

There are several techniques employed in making of bidriware, Tarkashi (Inlay of sheets), Tainishan (inlay of sheets), Zarnishan (low relief), Zarbuland (high relief), Aftabi/Mehtabi (cut out design in overlaid material sheet). It is not compulsory to use a single technique for an object, generally two or more techniques are combined together.

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