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Yes, our mission is to make these crafts affordable by cutting out middlemen and offering direct access to buyers, fostering a larger customer base.

We blend traditional art with contemporary mediums through collaboration between artisans and young designers, safeguarding heritage while embracing innovation.

Our platform promotes vanishing crafts globally, connecting artisans directly with buyers, ensuring fair prices and accessibility.

“Its About Crafts” is India’s pioneering CraftTech Startup, dedicated to reviving fading handicrafts by combining tradition with modern innovation.

“Its About Crafts” showcases a wide range of traditional handicrafts, from textiles and pottery to jewelry and woodwork, preserving India’s diverse artistic heritage.

Absolutely! We encourage collaboration between artisans and young designers to create unique products that blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

We work closely with artisans to maintain the authenticity and quality of their crafts, ensuring that each piece is a true representation of their heritage.

Yes, we offer international shipping to ensure that these unique and culturally rich crafts can be enjoyed by individuals around the world.