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Our Vision & Mission

As per 2022 data, the global handicraft market size reached 752 billion USD. But even after having such diverse and unique cultures and arts, the Indian handicraft market size is only around 4 billion globally (estimated to grow to 6.2 billion by 2028). Today, most of the century-old handicraft forms are dying because there is no conscious effort made to create a pan-India market for them. To add to this, most of the profit goes to the middlemen and resellers, preventing the actual artisans from earning the right price for their craft and hard work. This reminds me of the proverb, The darkest shadow lies beneath the candle.

To address the above problem statement, we have founded “It’s About Crafts”, India’s first CraftTech startup.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a platform to promote all the dying or vanishing handicrafts in front of a pan-India and international audience to create awareness and demand. Cutting down on the dependency on all the middlemen, we are working directly with the artisans to help them fetch the correct price for their crafts and maximize their profits. At the same time, our effort is to make those crafts accessible at a much more affordable price to the audience, so more people can afford them. Our goal is to keep our heritage alive by spreading awareness and, at the same time, improving the lives of our artisans.

While promoting the traditional craft form, our team of young designers is working with the artisans to fuse the traditional art with more modern and contemporary mediums and artifacts. Instead of forcing them to expose themselves to alien technologies, we are providing them with the required technology support, which will help them predict the current market trend and demands so they can be prepared well in advance with their products and avoid keeping dead stocks in hand.

We need all of your active support to fulfill our mission of keeping our heritage alive.

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Who we are

Diving deep into the rich tapestry of India’s culture, “It’s About Crafts” emerges as a beacon for Indian handicrafts, a unique nexus of tradition and technology. We are an enthusiastic team, driven by our passion for preserving and promoting the quintessential traditional home decor of India. As the global handicraft market expands, we recognize the untapped potential and unmatched beauty of Indian artisanal crafts, particularly in the realm of eco-friendly home decor.

Our story is inspired by the diverse and unique arts of India, echoing the myriad tales of skilled hands and generational expertise. However, as much as we’re about preservation, we’re equally about evolution. We don’t just bring traditional home decor from India to the forefront; we infuse it with contemporary flair. While we respect and admire time-honored techniques, we understand the need for adaptability in today’s dynamic market.

Witnessing the paradox where the very artisans, who should be the heartbeats of the booming Indian handicraft sector, often remain marginalized, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rewrite this narrative. Our ethos revolves around eliminating the long shadows cast by middlemen and ensuring artisans receive their deserved recognition and remuneration.

We’re more than just a CraftTech startup; we’re a movement. A movement that envisions a world where the charm of Indian handicraft doesn’t just resonate within the confines of our nation but stretches across the globe. A world where traditional home decor from India finds its pride of place in every home, whether through intricate woodworks, vibrant textiles, or sustainable, eco-friendly home decor pieces from India.

Join us on this journey as we strive to etch the timeless tales of Indian handicraft onto the canvas of the world. Your support fuels our mission, ensuring that the rich tapestry of our heritage remains vibrant, alive, and accessible to all.